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Curt Richter - Thousand Words (Signed)


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HB, 83 illustrations
Damiani, Bologna, Italy (2016)


“Thousand Words” is a stunning collection of intimate portraits from the Key West Literary Seminar which includes many of today’s most renowned novelists, poets and essayist; Margaret Atwood, Michael Cunningham, Junot Díaz, Geoff Dyer, Adam Gopnik, Karen Russell, Kay Ryan, George Saunders, Colm Tóibín and Gore Vidal, among many others. For nine years, Richter has worked in makeshift studios photographing the gathering’s presenters, participants and staff. His subjects vary from celebrated authors to the house painter who prepared his workspace. Key West, and its literary heritage, is unlike any community in the world. This book is a window into the writers and individuals who make Key West a literary sanctuary. Curt Richter decided to become a photographer on Christmas morning at the age of twelve. Being severely dyslexic, it would be four years before he finished reading his first book but his disability did not curtail his love of the written word. After his university studies at SUNY Purchase and F.S.U., he returned to New York City and pursued a career as a commercial photographer while continuing his art work. In 1988 he began his series of portraits that were derived from fiction. Just as a writer does not didactically describe every moment in their characters’ existence, a writer illustrates the moments that define them. That a photograph can reveal far more than is visible at the moment it is taken. Ironically, a year later Louis Rubin commissioned Richter to photograph the members of the Fellowship of Southern Writers. That project evolved into a book; “A Portrait of Southern Writers”; Hill Street Press; 2000. The accompanying exhibition traveled internationally with the support of the USIA and NEA and eventfully the exhibition, and Richter, arrived in Key West. Key West has long been a mecca for writers and artists. Considering its size, few cultural capitols can compare to Key West’s artistic yield and communal sprit. Manhattan maybe the only island to surpass its literary contribution. Ernest Hemingway and Tennessee Williams lived and worked there, as have Ann Beattie, Elizabeth Bishop, Judy Blume, Truman Capote, Annie Dillard, Ralph Ellison and Robert Frost, to name a few. Richter’s depiction of the writers featured at the Key West Literary Seminar is a testimonial to the island’s, and the seminar’s ongoing literary significance.


ISBN 9788862084789
Manufacturer Ei

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